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Starting from the winter term 2016/17 we offer a double master degree in chemistry with the Queen's University in Canada.

Please contact:

Prof. Dr. Guntram Rauhut

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Information on Queen's University

The University of Stuttgart and the Chalmers University (Gothenburg, Sweden) offer a master double degree for the study course Materials Science/Materials Engineering. The alumni of the double masters programme are awarded a master degree in Materials Science of the University of Stuttgart and a degree in Materials Engineering from the Chalmers University.

The participants of the double degree programme will finish the first two semesters in Stuttgart. Starting with the 3rd semester the study will be continued in Gothenburg and completed with the master thesis.

The curriculum of the double degree is attached to this letter as a PDF. The study periods in Stuttgart and Gothenburg are complementary; the study course in Stuttgart is more scientifically oriented whereas the study course in Gothenburg has a focus on engineering.

The double Master programme is addressed to dedicated and motivated students with very good course achievements, which are enrolled in the Master Materials Science course. Per year 5 positions are available. Acceptance via an admission process. Interested students can send, between October the 17th and November the 18th, an application to the dean of the study course in Stuttgart (Prof. Bill) who will make the selection. The application documents should contain the bachelor certificate with the marks, a CV and a letter of motivation.

Please contact: Prof. Dr. Guido Schmitz

Academic Advisors Chemistry and Materials Science

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Klaus Dirnberger


Academic Advisor Chemistry

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Academic Advisor Materials Science

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